About Desiree

Desiree Spegal, a Spokane native, has been serving her home city since entering adulthood through caregiving and ministry . Now throughout the region and trudging on throughout the Nation. Born into a background of the unknown and walking through her broken childhood, despite the setbacks and obstacles laid in front of her, she humbled herself and encountered faith at age 18. Beginning her journey being 16 & pregnant, then 18 with another miracle on the way, her life was radically touched and transformed by the love of Christ. She was given a hope and a future that pushed her to press on toward her future with confidence. Her passion for people and gift of Love she had always carried inside of her became pronounced. A caregiver at heart, she now owns and operates a private caregiving business for vulnerable adults in her community, providing exceptional and excellent care. Raising 15+ children with her beautifully blended family, she by no doubt operates quickly and efficiently with the perfect heart posture towards her family and loved ones, including a growing passion for her community. Selfless by nature, she takes on this journey of Real Estate, with the mindset of enriching another ones life through the service of making their dreams come true. Her desire is to be able to help the WHOLE person through her many ventures and through networking and creating real relationships, to be able to provide the local resources it takes to attain the expertise one needs in making major life’s decisions. Her life’s mission is to play her part and be an answer to life’s problems all over by working extremely hard coupled with her passion for people, and be able to provide her and her Husband’s local non-profit, Freedom Charities Foundation, the ability to give freely and continue to enhance the lives that have been placed around her on a daily basis.  To be a Realtor is fulfilling one of her very own dreams to create a legacy not only for her family, but ultimately her community, region and nation. Her goal is to have a major impact and influence on everyone she comes into contact with that would inspire them to go after their dreams, visions and destiny. She sacrifices and gives her all... and thus prospers at whatever she puts her hands to! Blessed beyond measure! She  believes she is blessed only to be a blessing! Without a doubt, she is one wise friend to keep close throughout this walk on earth that we call life!